TL;TR I use a modified version of the SCRUM method and I apply it to my personal life and TO-DO App to get things done. You can do the same with every app you want (I use TickTIck) and build your personal Jira for your personal life.

I’m a web developer, and that means I deal with AGILE work systems.

What I’m most in contact with is surely SCRUM, used together with Atalassian work tools (see Jira) that all the developers out there who are reading this post know, even if maybe they don’t use them personally.

What I want…

We don’t often hear about web accessibility.

When developing a website or an application, there are priorities that immediately jump out of our minds: an attractive design, a good UX and UI to guide the user to the right choices and make the navigation pleasant, a solid and maybe multi-platform development (or multi-browser in the case of a site), a good copyright, good call to action, and last but not least, a good SEO optimization.

Is it everything? Actually, it’s not.

The web accessibility theme is something that is rarely thought about as a priority, but should definitely be put…

When we work on a website we obviously have to take into consideration the “mobile” versions of our web project

Assuming you know what CSS media queries are, let’s see how to use the SCSS features to create beautifully readable media queries that keep your code clean and legible, which can be quickly reused in our SCSS files, and that are easy to use.

Set the code

Here is the code to create the mixins that we will use in the files.

// Breakpoints $desktop: 1024px; $tablet: 768px; @mixin media($keys...) { @each $key in $keys { @if $key == phone { @media only…

Inserting your own Twitter timeline into the site might be a good idea, and doing so in WordPress is an extremely quick and easy process.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Twitter timelines visible on websites. Unless you’re really not very active and followed on twitter, in my opinion you could do without it. There are many other things that can take place on a website, and Twitter discussions can easily stay on Twitter.

However, if you want to, I’ll show you how to do it with WordPress

Embed the timeline

First, let’s put in the timeline.

From the Appearance ->…

If you are a long-time WordPress developer you will surely have already encountered these two tools (sometimes indispensable I would say).

If you just have your own path with WordPress, you probably had to deal with an action or a filter too, and maybe they have put you in trouble.

In this post, I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible what these two tools are, and what’s the difference between them.

What are action and filters in WordPress?

Action and Filter are two so-called “hooks”.

Practically the action and filter hooks allow us to modify or add functionality to the core of WordPress, but without modifying…

Here we are for the second part of the tutorial to configure Gulp for the optimal development of WordPress.
If you missed the first part, where we have installed all the modules needed for the tasks we will need, you can find it here.

I remind you that we will write our configuration file gulpfile.babel.js in JavaScript ES6, as I explained in the first part of this tutorial.

Importing Modules

Let’s start now, importing the downloaded modules into our file gulpfile.babel.js.

import { src, dest, watch, parallel, series } from 'gulp'; import yargs from 'yargs'; import sass from 'gulp-sass'; import cleanCss from…

As I explained in the previous article, I almost always use the same Gulp configuration for my WordPress projects.

The configuration I use compiles and minimizes the CSS adding also the cross-browser prefixes, convert the JS ES6 files to ES5, compresses the images and creates a small server to view the site. It also automatically updates the page when a JS or PHP file is updated and injects the compiled CSS directly into the page without needing to update the page.

In two posts, I want to explain in detail how to write this configuration so you can use it…

I usually always use the same Gulp configuration for the projects I work on. My configuration consists of minifying CSS and JS and using BrowserSync to reload the page automatically in case of changes to PHP and JS files, as well as injecting directly the CSS I edit, without reloading the page.

Very useful, but only if the style changes occur instantly, otherwise the whole system becomes just an obstacle to productivity.

This is exactly the problem I had: already the loading of the page was extremely slow, also I had to wait for 5–6 seconds (or more) to see…

As a WordPress developer, there are some tools you should definitely know and use.

In this post I want you to know the 3 tools that I use most and which I could not do without. These are two Plug-Ins and one Software.

Let’s start right away with the first Plugin.


WP-Query is the Plugin that has taken me out of trouble more than once. It is an indispensable tool, because it gives you the ability to have under control every aspect of WordPress, especially what happens under the hood.
It is basically a free plugin for debugging.

It is…

Artificial intelligence is one of the most debated topics in the field of computer science and beyond.

The question is: is it really a field that can make progress to humanity or is it just a bubble overestimated and driven mainly by marketing?

Marketing certainly plays a fundamental role in the spread of artificial intelligence, and terms such as machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks are often used even in situations that do not require certain technologies. But they sell more.

Despite this, there are fields where artificial intelligence can make a real difference, and one of them is…

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I am nothing but an observer. Forever grateful to be born in the digital age. Italian based in Germany.

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