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  • Sherief Shahin

    Sherief Shahin

    Software Engineer at Blue Harvest

  • Niccolo


    Avid coder. https://nicco.io

  • jelo rivera

    jelo rivera

    Software engineer | web dev | front-end | React.js

  • Alex Golec

    Alex Golec

    Engineering Manager, Ads Optimization and Modeling @ Reddit, ex-Google

  • André Pena

    André Pena

    Frontend engineer. I like making stuff like https://remoted.io. #TypeScript, #JavaScript, #ReactJS, #Node hacker. Follow me on Twitter at https://andrerpena.me

  • Dler Ari

    Dler Ari

    Software Engineer sharing interesting tech topics

  • borteo


    Software Engineer @ InVision; Nomade Digitale; Amante del Design e del Filmmaking; ❤ mia Moglie

  • gareth jax

    gareth jax

    I'm an italian Seo Specialist, and i like google+ more than twitter or facebook. Doctor who rabid fan. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. :)

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